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This inspiration was close to my heart and love, unlike any other wedding-inspired collaboration I've put together in the past. I studied art, colour and painting in Florence, Italy for a year at University. I knew going into this shoot in a small village in Tuscany, I wanted to highlight all the shades of colour I loved so much from those days - terra cotta, vibrant greens and copper highlights. I packed my bag with my basic flower tools and some styling elements that I loved working on the state side - then bought all the other elements abroad from farmers, flea markets and local flower shops. When we arrived at the villa, I searched for food for seasonal vegetation.

Staying true to our position, the table design displays a typical Italian dish through traditional Italian rather than what runners are used to seeing in the states. My passion for Environmental Design (by procuring objects and goods from surrounding areas and telling a story through this collection of items) helped to tell the story of the colors, textures and warmth that I remember so fondly from when I lived and fell. Italy is in love.